Our Story

PWP International brings together a team of specialist and experienced professionals providing independent complex / high value commercial claim loss adjusting services to the insurance industry in North America and worldwide. PWP International is part of the NCA Group of Companies, a premier provider of insurance management services.

Drawing on over 100 years of combined industry knowledge, PWP International’s team of professionals, together with additional resources supplied by the NCA Group, seeks to provide efficient, timely and cost effective claims management and loss adjustment solutions for the insurance and commercial markets.

Our Vision

With the wealth of resources made available by the NCA Group, PWP International will strive to serve the insurance and commercial markets with leading loss adjustment and claims management services. Traditionally the NCA Group has continuously developed, adapted and improved new technology to meet their customers’ changing needs. PWP International will embrace continued further development and working together with the NCA Group, strives to:

  • Be an employer of desire, attracting the highest caliber of professionals
  • Develop a superlative claims handling organization
  • Ensure quality assurance using best available technology, coupled with training supported by correct employee selection
  • Drive consistency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction
  • Deliver a sustainable and cost-effective service.